I’m musing about Christmas and all the ways Light shines through darkness. 

Cactus 004

Some of my memories, over decades, when I could offer light and when I was given light:

Teaching a child to read who had given up hope.  Reading to someone in a nursing home.  Writing a poem that uplifts someone.  Saying “no hurry” to someone working in a store and feeling so pressured. Creating new memories with my mother in her last illness. 

Receiving words of encouragement.  Someone at the grocery store insisting upon helping me, having seen fatigue on my face that day.  Reading a favorite book. Looking at art from friends. The wonderful blogs I read each week. Someone understanding.  God’s love.

wall of clouds
at sunrise

light along the horizon
shines and shines

on ripples of water

Christmas memories
created anew
each year

Ellen Grace Olinger
November 28, 2011
Poems From Oostburg, Wisconsin

The photo of the Christmas cactus is by Karl.

The following photo is from my garden journal yesterday.