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Short Poems and Photos

stars and clouds
clouds and sunrise
September begins

L  ove
E  ternal
A  nd
F  orever


days grow shorter
gentle turning
of windmills

pictures of my life
these many years
books on the shelf

Photo by Egor Kamelev on
Photo by Leonardo Jarro on
Photo by Petr Ganaj on
Photo by Vladimir Salguero on
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Short Summer Poems

evening light
morning light

wildflowers grow
for butterflies

home from the store
Queen Anne’s Lace
by fields of corn

August sun
daylily blooms
in the garden

rest and reflections
books to read
and blessings to count
Summer in my soul

Photo by Jelena Juhnevica on
Photo by James Frid on
Photo by Jaralol on
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